About Us

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Miramar Bathroom Remodelling Solutions has been in business for many years and this could be your best choice when searching for a bathroom remodeling contractor who will provide you with top-notch customer service while delivering an amazing finished product on time and within budget! Our team offers full bathroom renovation services from start to finish including custom tile work, plumbing upgrades, new cabinetry installations, flooring installation/repair/replacement & more!

  • Free Quotes

Miramar Bathroom Remodeling Solutions will provide you with a free quote for any of our services including plumbing, electrical, tiling, or painting within 24 hours of your request. Our team can also assist you in selecting products that are best suited for your budget and needs. If there are any doubts about what we offer or if you have questions regarding our services feel free to contact us anytime via email or phone call!

  • Expert & Qualified Team

Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way in order to create an amazing bathroom design tailored specifically to your needs and budget. We offer free estimates on all our services so contact us today!

When our bathroom remodeling experts are done, not only will your bathroom look great but also be easier and safer to use than ever before! With our help, any bathroom can become an oasis in which to unwind after a long day or prepare yourself for the one ahead. We’re proud of what we do and love helping people improve their homes into places they love being in every day!


In addition, our team of professional bathroom remodelers will help you with everything from planning to design and even installation for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a contractor or do it all on your own. We have been helping homeowners just like you for many years and we’d love to show you how our services can benefit your project as well!