Shower Replacement

Newly renovated bathroom

If you’re looking at doing a complete tear-out and replacing your old bathtub or shower, then let us help you save time, money, and energy on your next bathroom remodel by giving us a call today! We’ll talk about which material is best for your project (tile vs acrylic), what size tub/shower will fit into the space available in your bathroom, as well as discuss different options when it comes to faucets & drains.

  • High-Quality Material

Moreover, our expert staff will even come to your home with free samples of our high-quality products so that you can see and decide. There are so many choices when it comes to bathrooms, but they also come with big price tags. That’s why we offer quality products at affordable prices that give you more bang for your buck! With our help, you’ll have an amazing new bathroom without breaking the bank.

We’ve got everything from showers to tubs and vanities that will make your dream bath become reality! Our shower replacement is made of high-quality acrylic material that won’t chip or break down over time as some cheaper alternatives do. And because we only use top-of-the-line products in our work, there won’t be any problems with leaks or mold growth after installation either!

  • Affordable Prices

Miramar Bathroom Remodeling Solutions offers high-quality shower replacement services at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy an updated bathroom without breaking their bank account. Our team has been providing this service for many years and we stand behind our work 100%. If you aren’t happy with our service, we will make sure everything is fixed before we leave your property!